Tricks to solve Sudoku in first attempt

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Sudoku is famous worldwide but keeps getting difficult with time. Higher difficulty levels mean higher skill level and keeping up with the pace is difficult. But, thankfully, we have you covered with a set of tricks to solve sudoku that will help you become a pro at the famous puzzle.

First one: Basic rule

The basic trick to solve a sudoku is to make sure that no number repeats itself. Similarly, no region should contain any number twice. For example, if you put a digit in one cell of a row, it can not be repeated in any other cell of the same row. Likewise, each number should appear only once in the cage, you can not put one number twice in the same cage.

Tricks to solve sudoku: The Necessity Rule

The necessity rule is another very basic technique. Every row and column should have all 1 to 9 numbers appearing only once. If there is one empty cell in any row or column, try looking for the missing number from 1 to 9. The missing number will complete that row and column, making it easier to go towards solving the complete puzzle.

The 45 rule

The rule of 45 relates to the rules of necessity. We talked about every row and column containing all 1 to 9 digits only once, so the sum of all 9 should also be 45. If the sum of any of your row or column is not 45 then you need to recheck it. To make sure that you are solving it correctly, sum of every row and column should exactly be 45.

Tricks to solve sudoku: Sum elimination

The sum elimination strategy makes it easy to calculate the sum of any cage. You can get to the solution if you can reduce the possible ways that can make a sum. You can reduce the number of sums in many ways. For example. a 2-cage with a sum of 3,16,17 can have only one combination of numbers. Let’s look into it, 3=2+1, 16=7+9, and 17=8+9. Similarly, a 3-cage having only 1 combination can be 6=3+2+1, 8=4+3+1, 24=9+8+7. There are calculators available online that help with the sum eliminations.

The Scanning methods

There are techniques where you start scanning in one direction and start looking for the missing digit. Solving it box by the box can make it easy. Similarly, you can start scanning in two directions and compare any box with two of its relating boxes. The scanning methods come into play when a user gets stuck at a given box.

This website is all about sudoku, we will keep helping you with our further posts on Tricks to solve sudoku, keep reading.

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